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A knowledgeable expert in the area of Shotgun Sports will guide you through the process of selecting the right shotgun as well as the required equipment for the Clay Target Sports (trap, skeet, and sporting clays) or fur & feather (hunting).

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Private Instruction

Individualized training for all ages (parental attendance required if under 18 years of age), all disciplines and all skill levels. Whether you've never shot clay targets or a competitor looking to move up in class, we can assist you in reaching your short and long term goals.

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Group Clinics

Group clinics are meant as a starting point and designed to introduce new and novice shooters to the sport. Unlike private instruction, groups are larger and the information shared is at a higher level.

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Corporate Events

Want an alternative to the golf outing, company picnic or simply meeting at a restaurant. We offer a new way to engage your employees, reward your top producers or even collaborate with key vendors and suppliers.

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