Private Instruction

Arizona Private Shotgun InstructionIndividualized training for all ages (parental attendance required if client(s) is/are under 18 years of age), all disciplines and all skill levels. Whether you've never shot clay targets or a competitor looking to move up in class, we can assist you in reaching your short and long term goals.

The simple three step process consists of first, assessing the current skill level of the client(s). This dialogue will touch on all facets including safety, equipment, experience and goals. It is important for both the client and the instructor to have a unified understanding of the client's capabilities in order to move to the next step.

The second step is to formulate a joint plan with an end result in mind. The old saying, "plan the work and work the plan" fits well in this context. This may be as simple as learning the basics of handling a firearm, working on specific disciplines and target presentations, or as complex as addressing focus and the psychological side of competition.

Practice Is Key

Arizona Private Firearm TrainingFinally, execution of the joint plan: Realistic goals are the key to success and, as in any sport, practice is key. This becomes a journey to a predictable end with many adjustments along the way.

Private instruction is geared towards one on one interaction, however, we allow for up to three shooters on a sliding scale. This structure is best suited for those with similar skill levels and similar goals, otherwise the process becomes somewhat fragmented.

The ultimate goal of this service is to help the client set realistic goals that are well understood and measurable. In doing so the time spent at the range will be more productive and enjoyable.


Multi-hour packages are available with significant discounts. Please Contact Us directly for more information.

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