Arizona Firearms ConsultingA knowledgeable expert in the area of Shotgun Sports will guide you through the process of selecting the right shotgun as well as the required equipment for the Clay Target Sports (trap, skeet, and sporting clays) or fur & feather (hunting).

The process begins with first contact. A simple dialogue that details key attributes of the primary and any secondary clients. This will include the goals and intent of the client(s) coupled with any budgetary limitations. The preliminary information will be processed and a meeting date/time set for the clay target range. The client(s) will then have the opportunity to see, handle and shoot multiple shotguns directly related to their stated goals.

Safety First

All firearm discussions begin with safety first. Our diverse clientele come to us with varied backgrounds in this area; therefore, our first order of business is a basic safety briefing covering the proper handling of firearms plus proper hearing and eye protection. This is a required step in the process to ensure a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

Next, various actions (pump, semi-auto, over/under), different manufacturers and the most popular bores (12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge, .410 bore) will be discussed. This dialogue is directly related to previous phone discussions; however, an additional review of available options is always beneficial. This information leads to equipment selection, tournaments, ranges and other places to practice your sport.

Arizona Firearm CompetitionThe final step in the process is shooting time. Each participant will be able to shoot as much as they would like while comparing the various attributes of each type of firearm. The experience will lend itself well to the process and is unique across the industry. With the hands-on experience shooting various shotguns and fully understanding the pros and cons of each, the client will be able to ensure the right equipment for each specific discipline of interest.

In the end, our final goal is not to specify what to buy, but rather to educate both primary and secondary clients on the safe and effective use of their chosen firearm(s), coupled with the sharing of information so their final decision is in line with both their goals and expectations.

Basic packages including range time start at just $99.00 plus targets and ammunition.

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